Monthly Archives: October 2012

Adding XPath to TOSBack Rules

I quickly found out that I would have some problems with the old TOSBack rules. Some policies were showing up as being modified daily because the app was downloading the full page instead of just the policy on the page. The XML rules that TOSBack uses to know which policies to download only give us… Read more »

What is TOSBack?

TOSBack is an old EFF project that was designed to track changes in web policies, but it’s currently not in great shape. When I asked how I could help out with the TOS;DR project, they asked me if I could try to rewrite TOSBack. So I forked the old Github project, and started working on… Read more »

Hey! A blog!

Hey! I’m Jimm. :) I hope this blog will give you some idea of what I’m working on while I’m traveling. I’ll mostly update this blog with developer/work snippets, and keep posting my photos over on Curious Focus. Both sites are new, but I’ll be working on getting some content up. Maybe, read this about… Read more »