Adding a Default Content Type to Mechanize Agent

So I found a few sites that would return the content of the entire page even if I updated the XPath info in the rule. I couldn’t figure out what was going on so I copy/pasted my script into IRB (is there a better way? can you “require” it?), and I found that when I ran the following:

scrapedata = mech_agent.get("")

…My scrape data’s class would be “Mechanize::File” instead of “Mechanize::Page.” I found a couple articles, and made some changes to my agent to set a default content_type if none is returned.

    mech = { |agent| 
      agent.user_agent_alias = 'Mac FireFox'
      agent.post_connect_hooks << lambda { |_,_,response,_|
        if response.content_type.nil? || response.content_type.empty?
          response.content_type = 'text/html'
      agent.ssl_version = 'SSLv3'
      agent.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE # less secure. Shouldn't matter for scraping.
      agent.agent.http.reuse_ssl_sessions = false

Now, I’m able to use the “.search()” method on the Mechanize::Page to extract the policy using XPath.

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