What is TOSBack?

TOSBack is an old EFF project that was designed to track changes in web policies, but it’s currently not in great shape. When I asked how I could help out with the TOS;DR project, they asked me if I could try to rewrite TOSBack. So I forked the old Github project, and started working on my own version in Ruby.

Right now, the app is structured like this:

The “rules” folder contains around 1000 different policies for us to monitor for changes. The “crawl” folder contains the policy data that we get from the page. We will use Git to see the changes that occur when a site releases a new version of a policy.

This will save us from having to read the entire policy over again when only one minor bullet point has changed, and should help people understand what they are agreeing to whenever they check the “I agree” box. :)

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