Screenshot Tour of New TOSBack Features

TOSBack has seen several updates lately, and I want to present a glimpse of what has been changing! But instead of having you set it all up, here are some screenshots from my local environment!


TOSBack has some basic authentication and authorization now. In the header is a link to sign in:

Header image

Trying to visit a protected page without a session will redirect you to sign in:

Sign in Page

And of course, the links in the header change based on the current user:

Sign out header links

Additional auth features that need to be finished

  • Mozilla persona authentication.
  • Admin pages for managing policies.

Views for diffs!

There are some initial views for diffs between policy versions! Originally, we were using the Differ gem, but Diffy has great HTML formatting by default. The wonderful filler text is from hipsteripsum.

Here’s an example showing how Differ handles line by line diffs:

Diffing with Differ

Diffy will automatically create a list from the lines and highlight the exact changes. Here’s a screenshot of it that shows the navigation between changes too:

Diffing with Diffy

Versioning features that need to be completed

  • View changes between any available versions instead of only adjacent versions.
  • Ajax, pjax, or turbolinks for speed :)

What’s next?

It’s nice to start seeing some foundation for the application, but we still have plenty of work ahead! We need an area for managing/approving policies, and most importantly, we need to get some real policies in the database!

If you want to help us refine TOSBack or start adding some features, fork us on github!

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